Dekh Bhai Dekh

Are you interested in enjoying the famous television program “Dekh Bhai Dekh” on APNE TV, but cannot do this due to limited information? Looks no more. This article will lead you to the exact destination. Famous and entertaining Indian TV program on Your TV screen feels similar to a large family get-together! Though it started in the 1990s, many people still remember and enjoy this program today.

The wacky yet lovable Diwan family is introduced to us in this show. They always wind themselves in funny circumstances, but they laugh and love their way through them. The program is quite fascinating because every family member has a different personality.

Dekh Bhai Dekh

In the annals of Indian television, this broadcast is invaluable. Among the earliest comedy series to center on a large, united family was this one. We were shown by “Dekh Bhai Dekh” the value of family ties and how to weather life’s highs and lows together. We also met gifted performers like Shekhar Suman, Farida Jalal, and Navin Nischol thanks to it.

Let’s examine now the reasons why this elegant program is still relevant today. Lessons about humor, love, and family are ageless even if it broadcast a long time ago. People laugh as hard at repeats now as they did before. It made clear to us that family is there for you no matter what. This program is therefore a piece of our hearts as much as a television series!

Historical Context

Back in the 1990s, fresh concepts and series were bursting onto Indian television. Families used to congregate around their TV sets for enjoyment during this period. Family dramas and comedies gained enormous popularity. People like seeing programs about families and their humorous exploits.

Then this amazing show appeared during this thrilling period! It was like taking a deep breath. In many households, this entertainment offered joy and laughter. Its likable characters and realistic plots made it a public favorite very soon. Everyone smiled during this unique program.

Summary of “Dekh Bhai Dekh”

The Diwan family and their humorous daily lives are the subject of this classy program. Balraj, affectionately known as Dadaji, is the family head. Sameer, his kid, is sociable yet a little silly. Then there is the intelligent wife of Sameer, Kirti. Three generations make the family quite fascinating.

For the Diwans, every episode offers fresh experiences and difficulties, but they never waver and always work together to find loving and humorous solutions. You will see the performance that will be a lot of fun because of its distinctive comedy and narrative. This is a program that cheers everyone up with its charming leads and humorous events.

The Characters of this program

Balraj Diwan (Dadaji):

The sage and affectionate head of the Diwan family, he guides and amuses his kids and grandkids through the highs and lows of family life.

Sameer Diwan:

Dadaji’s son, well-known for his upbeat and a little quirky demeanor, is constantly willing to lend a hand and make the family’s travels funnier.

Kirti Diwan:

Sameer’s wife, a strong and clever lady who balances love and pragmatism, her sharp tongue and quick wit add sprightly to the family dynamic.

Sunita Diwan:

The daughter of Sameer and Kirti, she is a cheeky yet charming youngster who brightens the household and frequently finds herself in hilarious circumstances.

Dadaji’s daughter-in-law Chachi (Suhasini Diwan)

Is a kind and sympathetic mother figure who keeps the family together.

Kareema Diwan:

Dadaji’s daughter infuses the family dynamics with her eccentricities and odd attitude.

Sanju Diwan:

Dadaji’s grandson, Kareema’s cheeky and energetic kid, amuses the family with his naughty actions and young vigor.

The Cast of Dekh Bhai Dekh

Navin Nischol as Balraj Diwan (Dadaji):

The show’s heart and soul, Dadaji was the sage and loving father of the Diwan family, offering advice and humor to his wider family.

Farida Jalal as Suhasini Diwan (Chachi):

Known for playing Chachi with such charm, Farida Jalal nourished the family with her kind attitude as Dadaji’s daughter-in-law.

Shekhar Suman as Sameer Diwan:

Dadaji’s son Sameer was portrayed by Shekhar Suman, who won over the family with his cheerful manner and humorous timing.

Bhavana Balsavar as Kirti Diwan:

Her warmth and humor gave Sameer’s brilliant and lively wife Kirti life, and she also added depth and charm to the family dynamic.

Vishal Singh as Sanju Diwan:

Bringing happiness and fun to the family, Vishal Singh played the naughty grandson of Dadaji, Sanju, who embodied the spirit of innocence and playfulness of childhood.

Deven Bhojani as Kareema Diwan:

The drama was given humor and unpredictability by Bhojani’s unique and quirky depiction of Dadaji’s daughter Kareema.

Natasha Singh as Sunita Diwan:

Bringing a young vitality to the family dynamics, Natasha Singh played Sunita, Sameer, and Kirti’s daughter, with a wonderful combination of innocence and mischief.

Legacy and Continued Relevance

Loved even now, the show imparts valuable lessons about humor, love, and family. The ideas of understanding and togetherness are still applicable in Indian society. The show is quite nostalgic for many individuals, who watch it often. Its classic comedy is appreciated by even new fans.

Characters and storylines of TV affect both viewers and producers. They pick up humorous scenarios and serious family problems. The enduring audience of the program is evidence that great stories never go out of vogue.

International Reception and Adaptations

Loved all across the world, the show was not limited to India! International visitors were delighted by its humorous family tales. Sometimes the performance was translated into other languages so that everyone could follow along and laugh.

Indian families became fascinated by the exploits of the Diwan family even in countries distant from India, such as the US or the UK. Their ancestry was brought closer to them via the show. It made their customs and culture easier to recall even while they were traveling. This amazing show cheered up populations of Indians living abroad worldwide!

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, it is still a classic appreciation that viewers all over the world value. It is charming humor and a loving depiction of family ties cut over generations and cultural divides. The serial is still a part of television history that will never be forgotten with its iconic characters and global themes.


In the first season, The Program aired 65 episodes in all.

Udit Narayan wrote the song that opens “Dekh Bhai Dekh”.

May 6, 1993, saw the DD Metro initial of “Dekh Bhai Dekh”.

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