Telugu Film Acharya 2022

The Movie is released on May 13, 2022, in the Telgue language.  Ram Charan and Niranjan Reddy are the producers of the film, which Koratala Siva is directing. This page tries to give a thorough analysis of “Acharya,” including characters and plot.

Acharyan overview

There are many of thrilling and emotional scenes in the action drama “Acharya”. Telugu is a commonly used language in South Indian films.

Acharya 2022

Contents of the Movie

In this amazing movie, Acharya, played by famous actor Chiranjeevi, is the central character. Respected social reformer Acharya fights injustice and corruption in society. He concentrates on preserving a nearby temple that has been in his family for many centuries. To the community and him, this temple is quite significant.

Corrupt people and the mafia who wish to demolish the temple for their own gain provide Acharya with obstacles. Acharya’s valiant attempts to defend the temple and battle these formidable foes are followed throughout the film.

Principal Players and Scenes

As Acharya, Chiranjeevi gives a remarkable performance. He shows a tough and resolute person who stands up for justice. The film gains richness from his acting.

Siddha (Kajal Aggarwal):

Siddha is a strong-willed woman who backs Acharya in his quest. Her character is unforgettable since she is self-reliant and committed to the cause.

Ram Charan plays the young and energetic Acharya’s son. He gives the plot life and is dedicated to his father’s assignment.

Special Appearance:

Pooja Hegde gives the plot a glamorous and endearing special appearance in the movie.

Major Scenes in the Film

Action Scenes:

The film has thrillingly staged combat sequences.

Drama and Romance:

Like most Telugu masala films, “Acharya” strikes a mix between action and tragic and romantic moments.

Comedy Elements:

The film has comedy, which lightens the serious plot.


The experience is improved overall by the powerful and skillfully scripted dialogues.


The excellent images add to the attraction of the film.


Key sequences are made more interesting by the soundtrack, which also enhances the mood of the film. Themes and Messages

The inspiring nature of Acharya encourages the struggle against injustice and corruption. The need to protect cultural legacy and heritage is emphasized throughout the film.

To sum up

A strong messages and powerful cinema make up “Acharya”. It offers enough for everyone by fusing romance, drama, and action. Particularly Chiranjeevi gives an amazing performance. The film’s thrilling action scenes and motivational plot make it well worth seeing. You really should watch “Acharya” if you like films that combine amusement and social concerns.

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